Privacy Policies for the Official Website of Taiwan Fire Disaster Prevention

Dear friends, welcome to visit the official website of Taiwan Fire Disaster Prevention (referred to as the Website hereafter). For your peace in mind when exploiting the services and information provided throughout the Website, this announcement will give you a clear picture of the privacy policies of the Website when you are using the services provided by the Website:

  1. Scope:

    It covers the personal identification information collected while you are browsing the Website, but does not include the links to those sites outside of the Website, nor apply to people who are not entrusted or participate in the management of the Website.

  2. How the information is collected and used:

    1. The following personal information may be collected to provide the best available service for you:

      1. You will be asked to leave your name, email address, contact information and time of use while you are exploiting certain interactive activities such as service mailbox or survey.

      2. The server will document the activities automatically while you are browsing the Website, including the IP address through which you use Internet connection equipment, time of use, the browser used, and the records of browsing and the links and/or information you click on. These records are used for the improvement of the services provided on the Website. They are for internal use only and will not be disclosed publically.

    2. To provide more accurate services, questionnaire surveys are carried out collect information for statistics and analysis and the results will be presented as statistical numbers or texts. Apart from internal use, the statistical numbers and texts may be published as needed, but no specific personal information is involved.

    3. Your personal information will not be disclosed to any third party or used for any purposes other than information collection unless your permission is granted or it is permitted by Article 16 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

  3. You may exercise the following rights according to Article 3 of the Personal Information Protection Act, and NFA is in no position to waive or establish any special restriction:

    1. Inquiries or request for viewing;

    2. Request for producing replicates;

    3. Request for supplementary information or correction;

    4. Request to stop collecting, processing or using;

    5. Request to delete.

  4. Data protection

    The Website host is provided with firewall, protection against viruses and other necessary information security equipment and measures for the protection of the Website and your personal information. With levels of security procedures, only those who are authorized have the access to your personal information, and they have signed a confidentiality agreement. Any violation of the confidentiality protection will be subject to applicable legal actions. In case that service is requested from a branch of NFA due to business needs, the website will be asked to honor the confidentiality as an obligation, and necessary checks will be conducted to ensure that the obligation is observed.

  5. Links to outside of the Website:

    Links to other websites are provided in some pages of the Website, which allow you to access these friendly websites by clicking on them. However, the privacy policies of our Website do not apply to those websites. You must access to the privacy policies of each individual website to which the links take you.

  6. Use of Cookies:

    To provide the best available service for you, the Website will place and access the cookies in your computer. If you don’t want to accept the write-in of our cookies, you may modify the privacy level in your browser to high, which should prevent the write-in of cookies. By doing so, however, some of the functions provided by the Website may not function properly.

  7. Modification of privacy policies:

    The privacy policies of the Website may be modified when needed. The modified policies will be published on the Website.

  8. Contact for questions regarding personal information

    Should you have any question or doubt about how NFA deals with your personal information, please call 02-8195-9119.