Easy to Know Disaster Website

The National Fire Agency under the Ministry of the Interior established the "Personalized Disaster Prevention Information Website"(https://bear.emic.gov.tw/) in 2020 and integrated the information services of the 119 Reporting App and other services in August 2022 to launch the "Easy-to-Know Disaster Prevention App". This app aims to provide the public with real-time disaster information and disaster preparedness. It offers instant weather conditions and forecasts (such as temperature, precipitation probability, air quality) based on individual geographical locations. The app also provides guidance on how to prepare emergency evacuation kits, set up family disaster cards, and delivers essential disaster prevention messages.

During disasters like earthquakes or typhoons, the system will immediately push alert notifications and display evacuation instructions to help you protect yourself. In the event that evacuation from your home is necessary, the system will also inform you about nearby shelters or hospitals, guide you on the safest route to avoid disaster-affected areas, ensuring your safe escape from the disaster.

Introduction video: